This page contains links to resources gathered by students in ENST 27201.

  • Calumet Region

    • Calumet Stewardship Initiative
      A community organization bringing together more than 40 civic, cultural and environmental organizations serving the Calumet Region
    • Chicago Food Depository
      The food bank of Cook County distrbutes millions of pounds of food per year.
    • Edible Chicago
      Edible Chicago is part of a national chain of magazines dedicated to advertising local foods.
    • Growing Power
      An orgnization of urban farms seeks “to grow food, to grow minds, and to grow community. “
    • Sagawau Environment Learning Center
      agawau provides habitat for over 100 species of migrant and resident birds, and is home for the banding program of the Chicagoland Bird Observatory .
    • The Calumet Environmental Resource Center.
      The CERC is a unique resource library, meeting place and referral network where local community residents, government officials, nonprofit environmental organizations, and others can learn about and respond to pressing environmental issues in the Calumet
    • The Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council
      A network of organizations and individuals sharing their experiences and concerns about food security in the Chicago region in order to influence policy makers to make informed decisions motivated by the goals of community food security.
    • The Field Museum
      The Field Museum’s Department of Environment, Culture, and Conservation is a hub of information on the Calumet Region.
    • The Indiana Dunes State Park
      Surrounded by the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, the Dunes State Park is a hotspot of biodiversity.
    • The Nature Conservancy
      The Conservancy is the nation’s largest environmental organization.
    • The Plant
      One of Chicago’s newest vertical farms and food incubators
  • Campus Resources

    • Calumet Quarter
      Learn more about this Spring quarter sequence designed to help students bridge theory and practice in environmental studies.
    • Center for International Studies
      The University of Chicago’s Center for International Studies sponsored the spring series “Food (In) Security”
    • Program on the Global Environment
      The University of Chicago’s Program on the Global Environment offers the Calumet Quarter as part of the environmental studies curriculum.