Research Papers

These research papers were written as the final projects of the food security course. Each paper focuses on an organization working in the Calumet Region and addresses issues of production, consumption, and distribution.

Preserving Seed Diversity

Without a strong base of diverse seeds, food production is threatened by disease and climate change. Promoting the use of diverse seed types enhances food security and promotes the preservation of traditional cultural practices and values.  Seed security can come

Eat Your Words, Locavores

A New Yorker who collects seawater from the beaches of Manhattan and boils down two cups of homemade  salt, a Chicagoan with an attic full of roots and spuds, and a bestselling author’s experiments in poultry raising—these vignettes are not

The Search for an Oasis

A succession of transfers on a protracted bus ride in the sweltering heat of summer or an extended walk in the freezing cold while the weight of numerous, bursting grocery bags pries into the flesh of the palms, strains the

A Farm for the Future?

In the words of the late Carl Sandburg, Chicago was hailed as “the hog butcher to the world.”[i]The trend toward industrializing the meat industry, led to the construction of countless industrial complexes, and the migration of immigrant workers to the

Community Supported Agriculture

Cherry tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli and a plethora of unfamiliar greens fill the box. Some items, staples, are easily prepared and consumed while others, like kohlrabi, are unusual to the degree that it is uncertain how one might even go about

Food Sovereignty: From Urban Chicago to the Third World

If you were to stumble into the previously abandoned truck depot at 3333 s. Iron Street without knowing where you were, you might be in for quite a surprise.  First you’d notice giant carrots and tomatoes painted along the fence,

Community Gardens

Three years ago, the University of Chicago sparked a passionate debate when it announced its plans to construct the new Theological Seminary. The staging area for the construction would take place on a lot at 61st Street and Dorchester Avenue,