These interviews were conducted with guest lecturers from the Center of International Studies’ spring series “Food (In)Security.” In conversations with scholars, government officials, and grassroots activists, we discussed issues of access, equity, and frameworks in the issues of global good insecurity.

Hunger and Nutrition: Craig Gunderson and Sophie Milam


Professor Craig Gundersen of UIUC and Sophie Milam, Senior Policy Council at Feeding America, will explore problems of access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food close to home. Food insecurity is one of the leading public health issues facing the

Food Security and Sovereignty: Rachel Bezner-Kerr, Hannah Whitman, Philip McMichael


Hannah Wittman, Philip McMichael, and Rachel Bezner-Kerr discuss gaps between the framework of food security as defined by international organizations and the more challenging  grass-roots notion of food sovereignty.   Food sovereignty, as articulated by groups such as La Via Campesina,

Food, Agriculture, and Development: Catherine Bertini and Christopher Delgado

Catherine Bertini, Professor of Public Administration and International Relations at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University and former Chief Executive of the United Nations World Food Program, joined Christopher Delgado, Program Manager of the Global

Accountability and Goverance: Julie Howard and Emily Alpert


At the 2008 L’Aquila G8 Summit, $22 billion, including $3.5 billion of US money, was pledged towards improving global food security.  The speakers on May 22nd discussed issues of governance and accountability in relation to the food policy that came

The Farm Bill: Ken Cook

Ken Cook

The Farm Bill, a piece of omnibus legislation that has been part of the federal government’s agriculture and food policy since its inception in 1965, has a long history of controversy and reform. The bill’s historic provision of subsidies to